The 'Beetle Cat'

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Length Over All 12'4"
Length on the Waterline 11'6"
Beam 6'1"
Draft 0'7"
Displacement 450 lbs.
Sail Area 100 sq.ft.

    The Beetle Cat is one of the most successful low cost daysailers around. This boating tradition was started by the Beetle family back in 1920, continued by the Concordia Company and today is carried on by Beetle Inc.

    The Beetle Cat is a conventional carvel planked wooden boat built to high structural standards..  She is gaff rigged and uses a centerboard which can be raised to allow sailing in very shallow waters. The keel and stem as well as the steam bent frames are of white oak. Hull planking and deck planking are of white cedar. The deck beams are of clear pine and sawn to the proper crown The mast step is oak and is bridged over the stem and keel and through bolted through giving added support to both. The mast partner is also of white oak, making the mast support structure very solid. Added support is given by using a 2 x 3 strong back which runs fore and aft. It runs along the top of the centerboard box and is fastened to a heavy deck beam that help supports the mast partner. The deck beams rest on top of the strong back and are fastened to the sheer clamps. This construction gives the deck the strength to withstand walking or jumping on. The half-inch cedar decking is fastened to the deck beams and the top of the sheer plank. The deck is covered with number 8 canvas duck, and is usually given a penetrating primer coat and another top coat. Coamings are of clear matched oak, steam bent into place and varnished. Spars are air-dried, straight grain Douglas fir. The mast is tennoned and bears on top of the mast step, preventing the mast from bearing on the stem / keel joint.

    The Beetle Cat is a fun boat and has been around for a long time. Some Beetle Cat owners belong to the 'New England Beetle Cat Boat Association', an association of serious Beetle Cat owners who sponsor regattas and other events involving the Beetle Cat. In order to join you need a Beetle Cat that meets all of the specifications set forth in their rules, which are based on the original specifications of the Beetle Cat produced in the 1920's and still being produced today.

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