The Amphibicon Class

LOA 25'5"
LWL 21'8"
Beam 7'9"
Draft 2'4"
Sail Area 259 sq.ft.
Displacement 3,500 lbs.
D/L Ratio 154

The Amphibicon was, so far as we know, the first boat designed from scratch as a trailerable cruising boat able to be taken anywhere by road, launched and cruised coastwise wherever you are. While Amphibicons have been taken to sea they are not really suited to it. Their large deck openings and shoal draft which, makes them a universal joy to sail and cruise aboard along most coasts, is liability at sea.

With the above single limitation these are among the very finest of coastal cruising yachts. They have proved inexpensive to maintain and easy to sail. They are ideally suited to a young family or an older couple. They are economical to daysail and weekend and yet have been lived aboard year round and sailed great distances.

They were designed and usually built by Mount Desert Yacht Yard. The design work was a joint effort of E. Farnham Butler, one of the great builders and yard operators of the mid-twentieth century, and Cyrus Hamlin, one of the most innovative and thoughtful designers of this, or any, century.

These boats are rapidly reaching "classic yacht" status and as the years go by good examples seem to be rising in value. There seems to be at least some excuse for believing these boats should be treated as investments or collectables.

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