Aruna 134

The Aruna 134 project was completed.  We haven't had time to put the profile and rig drawing on here. This substantial schooner was designed for a non-profit organization which asked us to produce a vessel in which every aspect is optimized for the benefit of those who have limited mobility up to and including wheelchair use and other access issues such as limited vision. We were very pleased to be asked to design this vessel.

Aruna Lines.gif (41196 bytes)
These are the lines as developed in the computer to date

The above lines do not show the raking transom and do not clip a portion of the keel shape below the rudder. However they should give a pretty good idea of the shape of this large light modern school with a mission. One thing that may be noticed is that despite the long narrow hull a great deal of attention has been given to keeping the center of buoyancy high and flattening the sections in the underbody. This should tend to not only increase stability but also dampen the roll a bit. This is very subtly different than some of our other designs and is to me a good example of how the mission of the vessel affects every aspect of her design.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $775

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