The Coin Collection

This series brings together a unique combination of traditional and modern elements to produce a range of boats optimized for offshore safety and comfort, ease of handling, excellent accommodations, and high performance of the type that is valuable to cruising people. Sheathed Strip construction is standard, though a 25' aluminum version is also available.

The distinguishing characteristics of the series are:

1.) Modern heavy-displacement hull designs of the full-keel type, for best comfort at sea, good steering characteristics under all conditions, good load carrying capacity, and consistently high average speed, especially in very light and very heavy air and on long passages.  All this in family sized yachts.

2.) Chinese lug rig for full sail-handling capability (raising, lowering, reefing, unreefing, and sheet handling) from the helm, without touching the sail, optimum sail area under varying conditions without changing sails, consistently high performance, especially on passage, and low-tech simplicity and reliability.

3.) Flush deck design for maximum interior volume, ease of interior customization, versatile and roomy deck space, strength, and simplicity.

4.) Steering and sail handling from on deck or from the shelter of the pilothouse.

The boats are sized according to the number of people they are meant to accommodate. They are meant to treat their people very well indeed. They have enormous deck space for best enjoyment of good weather, generous interior accommodations for the cost of the vessel, and maximum comfort and safety when conditions deteriorate. They are very large for their length due to the flush deck. For instance the 30 foot Sovereign has as much room as a 36 to 40 foot vessel.

The combination of the easily handled rig, the wind vane, and the enclosed steering station is virtually unavailable elsewhere. We feel they revolutionize the experience of long-term cruising and voyaging, by eliminating much of the physical discomfort and many of the common dangers.

It is very rare to find a line of live aboard voyaging yachts designed by a designer with as much live aboard experience as we have. Indeed many of these were designed while living aboard and cruising. Further because of our great affection for this particular series of designs we have gone back year after year adding details to the plans and refining elements as suggested by our own thoughts and experience and that of owners of the vessels. For us they continue to represent our concept of near ultimate voyaging yachts.

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