Julie 10 & Juliette 9

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This is Juliette, a nice wholesome yacht tender. The sheer is designed to look best in three dimensions

These two yacht tenders are essentially the same boat. Juliette has just been made a little shorter by respacing stations closer together. Therefore if you order Julie plans what you get are the Juliette drawing, which is more detailed and the Julie lines drawing. We have some nice pictures of a slightly enlarged Juliette sent by a California customer. Aside from a foray into a more complex, more time consuming, and slightly heavier construction method than designed she looks pretty good.

The idea here is to have a good rowing boat with two rowing stations and good load carrying ability. The wrap around seating in the stern allows arranging children better or keeping more grocery bags and gear out of any bilge water.

The transom is the perfect height for a long shaft Seagull outboard. The short shaft outboards commonly specified for dinghies are unreliable going out to your boat in rough conditions as the odd wave top is too likely to get to the spark plug. Further the long shaft outboard allows using the dinghy as an efficient yawl boat if the yacht’s engine is out of commission without fear that it will fail from a runabout wake or some such.

The sheathed strip construction is long lived, neglect resistant, and easily maintained. The sheer may look a little too "perky" on paper. However, in three dimensions, where the bow is further from your eye, the sheer will smooth out into a graceful curve when viewed from any direction.

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