Miss Congeniality 19

A cat rigged motorsailor with a full motorboat hull except for the keel

This vessel is a very small motorsailor with weekend accommodations. She will have good sailing ability off the wind and will travel at quite high speed under power. Presumably she would be sailed only when it would be pleasant to do so and powered at other times.

Her original mission was as transport for a forestry expert to outer islands on the coast of Maine where he was studying the effects of air pollution. She was intended to have useable overnight accommodations and sails more as a back up or "just in case" provision than any great desire to cruise in the boat or sail extensively. As such she is a good "belt and suspenders" vessel. You aren’t likely to get wet, miserable or stranded anywhere and this may make her a very good little boat indeed for, say, an older couple who want to get out on the water but have no desire to have "adventures".

The plans as they exist so far were done up for a professional shop which I was involved in at the time. As such we did not bother to put lots of information on them, assumed that the offsets would be pulled directly off the drawing for lofting, and intended to fully develop the construction on the lofting floor. As such these are at present best for the builder who understands that we'll have to hold their hands a lot more than usual. In other words you will want to look at these plans and talk with us about what you know how to do and what you need extra drawings and advice for depending upon your experience. As people ask for these items they are, of course, added to the plans. This benefits subsequent builders.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $485


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