Nestling 12
Nesting sailing life dinghy & tender for family liveaboard yachts
Designed by
Thomas A. MacNaughton

LOD = 12', LWL=11', Beam= 3'7"

The "Nestling" is a three part nesting double ended sailing life dinghy in which the two end pieces store neatly in the middle section.  The mast is in two sections the top one of which telescopes inside the lower one a bit when joining them together.  She uses a leeboard and the ancient "steerboard", from which we get the term "starboard" side, which was originally the side on which the steerboard was hung on ancient Northern European and Scandinavian vessels.  This little vessel is intended to give a substantial and reasonably able dinghy which can still be stored on deck on family sized cruising vessels.  She is bone simple to build and fully lofted.  Given a reasonable set of tools, and the materials you should be able to build the basic hull in no more than three days.  Finishing off, painting and rigging will take longer, but the psychological boost of getting a hull built very quickly is a wonderful confidence builder.  Two of our custom design clients provided enough funds to pay for a portion of this design and given that we will probably build one some time for our own boat, we were able to justify doing up this fully lofted design in really good detail.  Study plans are $66 and Complete Building Plans are $361.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $361