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Notice to our readers: We are in the process of putting updating this web site.  We will not only continue to offer the titles currently appearing below, but we will be steadily adding new material of all kinds including web logs, articles, and books created in-house. Our emphasis will continue to be squarely on cruising, voyaging, living aboard, and all technical aspects of boat design, construction, maintenance, repair, and operation. We will continue to offer only material that we believe in, and which we can recommend based on our own experience.  Note that at the moment the best thing to do is to treat the order form itself as a table of contents for this section of the site and follow links from there to the reviews.   The organization format below will be replaced soon, but the information should be valid as long as it is on here. We'll continue to offer Free Advice, and we look forward to your suggestions regarding existing items to sell and new material to publish.

We publish and sell books and articles in areas of interest to marine professionals and amateurs, educators and enthusiasts, and sailors; particularly, liveaboard, cruising, and voyaging sailors. Click on an active book review button and you will get a detailed review, a table of contents and ordering information. There is a special reason to order these books from us. When you read them, if you find you have questions on the material you know you can email us for answers because we know the subject inside and out and have copies of these books in our library.

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Information for Authors: If you have material you'd like to publish, please contact us. If you don't think you write well, our editors can assist you. What matters most is that you have something to say that will be of use to others--together we can make that contribution to marine literature and to our collective body of knowledge.