Puffin is of essentially the same hull and construction type as the smaller tugs. She was originally drawn for a man who had been using a Bantam tug and a barge to carry firewood and light cargo to and from populated islands along the coast. He said, "Why not take one of the tugs, cut it in half, and stick the barge in the middle?" We only did that in a figurative sense, of course, but what we have here is a simple little coastal freighter with accommodations forward and aft, and a cargo hold amidships. She'll handle about six cords of firewood or the equivalent weight, in the hold, and is adaptable for a wide range of utilitarian purposes. It would also be possible to reduce the size of the hold or eliminate it, and add an equivalent amount of accommodations.
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LOA 36' Beam 12' Draft 3'2" Displacement 36,000 lbs.

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