Silver Gull 28

About as simple a cruising boat of this size as one can do.

LOA 29'4" LWL 20'4" Beam 9'9" Draft 4'6" or 4'0" Sail Area 213 sq.ft.

I really must put a new profile drawing on here.  The plans now show a pilothouse, rig, and general appearance like the Silver Gull 19.  No one has ever chosen this leg of mutton cat rig.  Everyone much prefers the Chinese rig.

This design provides accommodations for two, with a double berth, a galley and chart table, and an inside steering station. The area under the cabin trunk has full standing headroom, and serves as a wheel house, with windows all around. The boat can have either a single-sail marconi or Chinese lug rig. Personally the designer would have the Chinese rig.

The plywood sides of this hull when laid out flat are four feet wide with an angle cut on each end. In other words they can be made by scarphing together sheets of plywood and trimming the ends of the panel to a diagonal line. There are no curved cuts to make and the boat takes its shape from wrapping the sides around a center mold which determines the flare of the topsides amidships.

Recently a client talked us into designing twin keels for her.  We think this worked out well in that we were able to get the same center of gravity as with the single keel in a slightly shoaler twin keel configuration.  Therefore we should have the same stability.  Reports on the twin keel versions of this type have been extremely favorable.  It seems to be a good combination.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $899

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