Spline Weights

spline weight.gif (12751 bytes)
The Spline Weight

These spline or batten weights are often called "whales" because of their shape. They are also sometimes refered to as "ducks. These weights are made specially for us. So far as we know we are the only current supplier of spline weights in the world. Because of the dark color and poor background contrast in the above picture it is difficult to see the subtlty of shape and the good feel in the hand as shadow hides some of the shape. These are an improved model of the ones we use in our own design office. They are hand cast of lead, hand painted and the bottoms flocked to prevent marking the drawings. As such they are good looking and utilitarian but show the minor imperfections of hand cast items. The finger which holds the batten is made of brass rod with is threaded into the weight.

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