Twilight 12

A good boat for children

Designing quite small boats isn’t really economical. It can easily take a couple of thousand dollars worth of design time to do a good set of drawings for a sailing dinghy. Nevertheless all designers seem to have a few small designs. Almost all have been confronted with someone who says they want a boat that rows, tows, powers and sails well. This is not an easy set of requirements to get in one boat but the larger you make it the easier it is. Twilight is a large pram with a transom the right height for a long shaft outboard and a simple rig with leeboard. She is very simple for a round bottom boat and will carry a lot.

She’ll be an excellent tender for a boat with children aboard. A large sailing dinghy is a wonderful and endless entertainment for young people. Even an arthritic yacht designer for whom rowing is a bit of a chore can still enjoy getting out in a sailing dinghy and drifting along the shore of a strange harbor looking down into the underwater world or peering into the trees to see what may be ashore. This boat would be a satisfying size to putter around the harbor with your children or grandchildren as well.

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Complete Building Plans $278

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