Voyager 30

A transom sterned voyaging yacht with built on windvane self steerer.

LOD 30' LWL 25' Beam 10' Draft 5' Displacement 16,000 lbs.

Many readers will be familiar with the famous Vertue class, designed by Laurent Giles. They are a heavy-displacement 25-footer of typically English style and proportions. They have proven themselves to be among the ablest offshore boats of their size, having made more transoceanic voyages and circumnavigations than any other single class. We are very familiar with them, having had two in the family. The designer and his family lived aboard one for a number of years and their daughter lives aboard a similar sized boat today.

The Voyager 30 is in many ways a larger version of the Vertue, and differs primarily in that the hull is a little finer at the waterline forward and a little fuller aft, for reduced pitching and better performance in head seas. She also has slightly more beam. Otherwise she reflects the "virtues" of the earlier boat. These are extremely good motion in rough conditions, excellent performance in both very light and very heavy air, good control at all times, great strength, and good looks of the traditional type. For those desiring an offshore voyager and live aboard, this is a well-proven type. The next page is a lines perspective. We have also added sketches of the accommodations.

The Voyager 30 was designed partly in response to a poll conducted among live aboard yachtsmen, for the purpose of determining their ideal boat. There was considerable variation in the poll, depending on the amount of time the respondents had lived aboard. The longer term people chose smaller and simpler boats than those who were relatively new to it. The Voyager 30 was aimed at the expressed needs of those who had lived aboard the longest.  While our ideas on the ultimate voyaging yacht have evolved over the 40 years since we designed this vessel, there is not doubt that she is still a fine vessel of her type and an excellent example of a classic voyaging yacht of the mid-to-latter 20th century.

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