Manual Double-Action Anchor Windlass with Double Chain Pipes

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This windlass was supplied to us by ABI.  Only after the company was dissolved and we were seaching for a replacement for this windlass did we find that apparently it was essentially identical to one made by R.C. Plath company.  We believe the equivalent Plath windlass was the original and that it is a very fine windlass indeed.  Further Plath makes a number of other models which would cover yachts larger than the family size vessels we associate with this windlass.  We think the specifications continue to be as follows.  However we do not as yet have a dealership arrangement with R.C. Plath company.  We can help you buy a windlass from them or you can contact them directly.  This windlass is available in polished bronze with wildcats to fit high-tensile, proof coil and BBB chains in 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" sizes. The included 26" handle is stainless steel with a neoprene grip. It operates the double-action ratchet which engages the stainless steel and bronze gears. The handle is also used to engage the clutch to allow full braking control of the chain while anchoring. The double-action ratchet mechanism provides rotation of the drum and wildcat on both forward and aft strokes. Two integral rope/chain deck pipes with caps help keep water from getting below. There is a bronze bail on the bottom of each cap for shackling the rode to if you wish to keep a clear deck at sea or put your anchors below when in a city marina. These deck pipes are 2-7/8" inside diameter. The chain stripper lifts the chain off of the wildcat, feeding it directly into the chain deck pipe. The wildcat pawl allows independent operation of the drum while the chain is under full load on the wildcat. You cannot reverse the positions of the wildcat and drum as the internal construction of the windlass is not symmetrical.

The stainless steel mainshaft is 1-1/8" and is fitted with replaceable bronze bushings. Idle gears are stainless steel with bronze bushings running on 3/4" stainless steel shafts. One of the best things about this windlass is that every part except the brake lining and the grip on the handle is either bronze or stainless steel. There are plenty of windlasses on the market that seem quite nice until you examine them and find that they are a mass of incompatible materials. With this windlass you avoid worries about incompatible metals or hidden plastic parts.

If you don't have chain yet we'd buy the windlass first and make sure the particular chain you want to buy fits it. If you have chain already you should consult on which wildcat we should fit. Replacement parts are readily available.

Maximum Speed Under Load 33 ft. per min.
Maximum Pull 800 lbs.
Weight 49 lbs.
Overal Height 9-1/4"
Base Length 10"
Base Width 12-3/4"
Mounting Bolts (4) 3/8" dia.
Rope/Chain Pipes 2-7/8" I.D.

Series 1000 Windlass Price Available upon application (plus shipping)

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