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Yacht design is one of the most fascinating professions in our culture. This is why the design end of our business was first created by our generation of the family. Yacht design may be unique in that it usually combines strong elements of tradition, while at the same time it accommodates pressure for state of the art technology. It is fundamentally a problem in structural analysis, hydrodynamics, and aerodynamics but with a strong element of aesthetics and a great deal of attention to human comfort. Small wonder that there is no other aspect of the boating world that is so often the topic of heated debate, with such a wide range of designs finding favor.

We would differentiate our approach to yacht design from that of our competitors by stressing several points:

1.) We are neither "traditionalist" or "modernist" in approach. We do not feel that quality design ceased at a certain date or at a certain state of development. At the same time we feel that we must give a great deal of respect to those characteristics which have evolved under pressures exactly comparable to the evolution of species. This evolution of water craft apparently having occurred over the course of at least 10,000 years of cultural development. We have done our share of innovation, especially in the area of modern wooden construction, restoration work, and structural analysis.  We continue to do so, but we never blindly ignore or follow traditional characteristics. Some of our innovation has been in the creation of new combinations of traditional or traditional and modern features.

2.) We haven't spent all our time at the drafting board and CAD workstation. From our surveying and repair work we have learned a great deal over the years about what lasts and what doesn't. We are able to design an unusually high degree of reliability and longevity into our boats. We've also spent many years sailing and living aboard, and have observed many mishaps and real-world conditions, including experiencing severe storms offshore. We've also been shocked by some needless tragedies. Our approach depends on the vessel’s purpose and the needs of the client. Real world safety and practicality are concerns we always address.

3.) Few aspects of boats are unimportant enough to be left to chance. Therefore, we tend to take a "whole boat" approach to design. Most items such as hatches, deck hardware, interior elements, spars, and systems are designed and specified along with the rest of the boat.

4.) Our designs are produced on a contract price basis, figured as a percentage of the cost to build.

Pricing of Custom Designs is at present based upon 5% of the estimated cost to build using the most appropriate type of shop for the particular design. Number of drawings varies with size and type.  A small, simple, open boat might be done all on one sheet.  A large passenger carrying schooner might be 30 some odd drawings or more. In addition we normally supply a number of stock drawings for hatches, handrails, fittings and other details drawn from our files as appropriate.

We normally ask an earnest money deposit of 10% of the custom design fee in advance to define the concept. This is generally done through a profile drawing with an accommodations plan sketch, and a written description. These are understood to be preliminary. We also normally rough out the midsection and sometimes much of the hull lines. These days you will usually receive some perspective views of the vessel's lines from various angles. We then send you these drawings for your approval. Normally it will take a few revisions to get exactly what you want. Once these preliminary drawings are completed to your satisfaction we go on to the working drawings which are paid for as they are completed.

We are happy to do additional Concept Designs if you don't fall in love with the first one we work up.  We do have to charge separately for each one and as long as we can do that are happy to prepare up to three (3) entirely different concepts.  If we don't get something you really love within three tries we would generally figure that we aren't on the same wave length with you and will normally then refer you to another firm. 

Once the design is completed you will receive not only the custom working drawings and a reasonable number of photorealistic renderings but also a selection of standard detail drawings from our file. You also will have the right to any advice or explanatory sketches needed to complete construction. You have the right to build one boat from your custom design. If you wish to build multiple boats you will be required to pay a royalty for each boat, which is based on the cost of the vessel and the amount of continuing services required.

To receive pricing on designing a particular boat fill out our Custom Design Quotation form or email us using the Contact option in the navigation bar and supplying the same information as is on the form.

The dialog between client and designer which starts with the above quotation form, in which the purpose, character, and details of a vessel are gradually defined, is one of the most fascinating experiences offered by the world of boats. While the cost of a new design may not seem insignificant to many of us, you should remember that the fee for a custom design will be 1/2 what a broker would charge you just to sell the boat.  If you feel you cannot afford a custom design fee, that is a sure sign that you ought to choose a smaller boat as there is no doubt you will not be able to afford to build a boat you cannot afford to have custom designed!  There are also strong benefits, both in the experience of the custom design process itself, and in the creation of a vessel that is an expression of her owners' individuality and is thus likely to bring them the greatest happiness. We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

Custom Design Quotation Form