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Eastport, Maine
Eastport, Maine - This link will take you to the web site for our island city. This site gives in depth information about our wonderful small city.  It has a Victorian brick downtown right on the water.  Off the downtown there is a breakwater, which has dock space behind it for a number of beautiful fishing vessels. In recent years a number of moderate sized cruise ships have stopped here because of the beauty, charm, and friendliness of this little city. There is also a city marina north of the breakwater for use by yachts in summer. On the southwest side of the island there is a commercial deep water port.  It is the second deepest United States commercial port on the East Coast and can ship cargo all over the world.  Below you will find information on the municipal airport, which handles up to corporate jets and is extremely up to date. Houses range from authentic Cape Cod style homes dating back into the 1700s, through sea captain's substantial houses, to newer houses of all sizes. The town is quiet enough so that small groups of deer frequently pick there way among the houses and along the roads. Eagles abound. Marine mammals include seals, harbor porpoise, and several different species of whales. Despite a year round population of only about 1,300 people Eastport has always had people of many different cultural and religious backgrounds attracted by a quiet friendly town in which individuality is understood and welcomed. Our city has modest industries, many small businesses, and numerous people earning their living on the Internet.  Since Eastport is not "on the way" to anywhere else, it will never be a spoiled tourist economy location.  It remains a mixture of hard working industrious long time residents, people who visited and couldn't bear to leave, retirees, and a number of what might elsewhere be described as summer people, but which in Eastport we are more likely to call "locals who travel in the winter".  From here west to Mount Desert Island is a large cruising ground for yachts which is still as untouched as the rest of the Maine coast was in the 1950s.
Eastport Municipal Airport (KEPM) - This easternmost airport in the United States has a 4,000 foot neatly paved lighted runway which handles not just family sized aircraft but also corporate jets, regional airlines, and medical airlift aircraft. It is a port of entry with full customs service.  Complimentary Wifi is available. There is tie down space available, and room for those who wish to base here permanently to build hangars on land leased from the airport.
Eastport Port Authority - Our port is the deepest natural seaport in the continental United States, and counting ports needing dredging second only to the Port of New York on the East Coast. In front of our beautiful Victorian brick downtown there is a large pier forming the outer side of the breakwater which handles various sized cruise ships and for the week of the Fourth of July every year hosted a Navy vessel.  The harbor behind this large pier holds a number of local fishing boats. North of this harbor there is a municipal marina for visiting yachts.  The port for large cargo vessels is on Estes Head on the Southwest side of the island.  Cargos arrive or depart from here for destinations all over the world.  These are truly amanzing facilities for a small city of around 1,300 year round residents.  The only infrastructure still lacking for the port is restoration of the railroad which would allow heavier and bulk cargoes to be less expensively transported to and from the port. Addition of railroad access would bring a great increase in prosperity for Eastport and the surrounding area.
Eastport Chamber of Commerce - A great resource for finding out about the businesses located in Eastport.
Quoddy Tides - Our local newspaper. An extraordinary paper covering Eastport and the surrounding area. Very detailed professional coverage. The best local area newspaper I've ever seen. I seriously think a Pulitzer Prize would make sense.
Eastport Real Estate - We have no specific brokers to recommend. However if you google Eastport Maine Real Estate" you should come up with interesting listings. Over the last 50 years real estate values have been rising as people discovered this wonderful small city.  There was a particularly sharp rise during the recent pandemic.  However you can still buy a really nice house in our beautiful city for much less than the US median home cost.  We've been all up and down the East Coast and believe this to be one of the most desireable places to live on the East Coast of the US.
Moose Island Marine - 207-853-6058 - This is the easternmost marine store in the United States, and provides both yacht and commercial vessel marine supplies.  It is at 5 Sullivan Street, behind the breakwater.
Deep Cove Marine Services - A full service boat yard. We operated this yard for a brief 10 year period. It has greatly expanded since then and is really a miracle for such a small city.  It is the easternmost boat yard operation in the United States.
Downeast Law Associates - Eastport's modest local law firm, which is able to handle a large range of personal and business law questions. They are very friendly.
Waco Diner - 47 Water Street. Billed as the oldest diner in Maine.  This was where we had supper the first night we were in Eastport.  In those days restaurants in Eastport didn't face the water.  Most customers were fishermen and the idea of looking at the water while dining out, was not easy to understand.  More recently a dining room facing the water has been added along with an outside deck.  This is very popular these days. Decent Maine Coast food at a decent price. Every visit is an opportunity to greet friends and feel the comfort of community.  
Raye's Mustard - The largest all natural stone ground mustard mill in the North Amnerica. It was founded by 20 year old J. Wesley Raye in 1900, and is still owned by the Raye family.  They produce an extraordinary number of very special mustards.  There is the mill itself, which is a fascinating operation, and a downtown store which not only sells their products but also other Maine and Downeast specialty products.
Heather's Nail Salon - 207-214-2400 - The best nail salon in the area. A very loyal clientele results in the salon being very busy.  You will need an appointment.
YouTube Videos on Easport - A search on "Eastport, Maine" will bring up a large number of videos on our beautiful small city.  They do tend to concentrate on the down town area which, romantic though it is, is only a smll part of what Eastport has to offer.