Anacortes 32

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The following Profile and Lines renderings of the Anacortes 32 should give a good idea of the vessel's appearance. The blue plane in the renderings represents the water surface and should help you judge the appearance of the vessel better.

wpe9.gif (16786 bytes)
wpeA.gif (18916 bytes)
These two views give an idea of the Anacortes 32 lines
Anacortes 32.gif (21680 bytes)
The  Anacortes 32 profile

Normally I try for what I would call a "classic" appearance. That is an appearance that might come from any era of design. To me this vessel edges over from "classic" to "traditional". That is they are reminiscent of some designs done between the World Wars more than anything else. However the lines do look fast and it does have a certain air to it.

The next page shows the interior drawing.

Length Overall 37' 7"
Length on Deck 33' 5"
Length on Waterline 24' 2-1/2"
Beam 9' 0"
Draft 4' 6"
Displacement 7,167 lbs.
Ballast 2,878 lbs.
Ballast to Displacement 40%
Displacement to Length Ratio 155
Wetted Surface 267 sq.ft.
Sail Area 600 sq.ft.
Sail Area / Wetted Surface 2.25
Prismatic Coefficient .45
Lead of CE over CLP 9% of LWL
Station Spacing 2' 9"
Scantlings Numeral 4.8
(cube root of displacement in cubic feet)


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Complete Building Plans $733

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