Aruna 33
A Daysailing Schooner

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Aruna 33 - Outboard Profile and Basic Deck Layout

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Length on Deck 33'4"
Length on Waterline 22'9"
Beam 6'
Draft 3'6"
Displacement (tons) 1.65
Displacement (lbs.) 3,706
Ballast (pounds) 1,348
Ballast/Displacement Ratio 0.364
Displacement to Length Ratio 127
Wetted Surface 147 sqft
Total Working Sail Area 356 sqft
Sail Area to Wetted Surface Ratio 2.42
Prismatic Coefficient .46
Center of Lateral Plane 1'1-1/2" aft
Center of Effort 8-1/8" fwd
Lead 8%
Center of Buoyancy 52.5%
Pounds Per Inch Immersion 450

The Aruna 33 is actually a quarter size sailing "model" of Aruna 134. The intention in doing this design was two fold. First, we had recommended to the client that a sailing model of at least large radio controlled boat size would be useful in checking out balance questions. I commented that even a 33' version would be less expensive than major modifications to the rig if the full sized vessel needed some rig changes to handle well. The client came back with a good second reason. Since the Aruna 134 is intended to be run by a non-profit organization, fund raising is a big question. He felt that the 33' model would be wonderful to trailer to boat shows and other gatherings as an aid to bringing in more funds. Also we could arrange her so that she was sailable by two or more people with some physical limitations.

Now what about the Aruna 33 as a stock plan? The appeal here would be primarily for those who wanted a large fast daysailer and just had to have a schooner rig. In reasonably protected coastal waters she would be a super daysailer. It would also be possible to replace the forward cockpit with a very small cuddy cabin for two. If you had us draw that up you'd have a reasonable weekender or just a place to get out of the weather if a storm came up and you wanted to anchor behind an island until it passed. You can also put tents over the main and fore booms to make a simple weekender out of her.

Of course this remains a small version of a big boat. Nevertheless if you've got to have a schooner and you don't have time for extensive cruising this could be the boat for you.

The rig is that of a simple knockabout schooner. There's plenty of sail area as we believe it is a lot easier to reduce sail than to fool with changing light sails. This is not, after all, a stock boat that some accountant is trying to get the base cost down on, at the expense of needing "options" like huge genoas and massive winches so that the boat can actually be sailed.

This is a long narrow vessel with long ends that accentuate her slimness. This is partly because she is a scale model of a larger vessel. Large vessels are naturally and normally narrower than smaller ones due to net stability increasing more rapidly than length increases. Because of the large sail area and narrow hull she will be reefed sooner than other boat on the water but she is so light and has such nice lines that she should still be an excellent windward performer considering her schooner rig and fast as heck off the wind.

As we often do, when the owner allows, we chose the simple, strong, and light sheathed strip construction. This is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to produce a really durable neglect resistant hull and deck. The only criticism I have ever heard of the method was from a shop foreman who said it was "not enough of a challenge" and therefore not so interesting to him as more complicated methods.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $485

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