You could have a wonderful winter taking Bufflehead down the East Coast Intracoastal Waterway. The dinghy on the cabin top can be a sailing dinghy for exploring creeks and harbors.

LOA 22' LWL 22' Beam 9' Draft (varies with engine & propeller choice)

Whereas Bantam is fundamentally a work boat that has found a lot of appreciation as a yacht, Bufflehead is planned from the start as a cruising boat. She retains the character and construction of the smaller boat, but provides a larger cabin with two berths, a galley in the wheel house, and an enclosed head, all with standing headroom. The aft deck is still large enough for deck chairs, and a small pram can be lifted onto the cabin top with the derrick. There is a large storage area forward, which could offer a couple more berths if the fore deck was raised to the height of the rails, in the form of a turtleback.

Modest as this investment would be, one could have a wonderful winter cruising South from Maine along the Intracoastal Waterway as far south as you cared to go. A tiny single cylinder diesel is plenty for this boat so the only significant cost for the winter is your food! That little pram can even be a sailing dinghy for a little gentle evening’s exploration in an intriguing spot.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $568

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