Cabin Lamps ~ Gimbled

wpeC.gif (16170 bytes) Weems & Plath Atlantic Gimbled Lamp. The keys to the success of this type of lamp are proper wick care (consult with us) and a tall enough chimney. Many lamps fail because their chimneys are too short and wide for sufficient draft. This one won't. The gimble and smoke bell are included. The lamp is 10" high and 5" in diameter. The cost is $69.95
wpeE.gif (12464 bytes) Den Haan Cuddy Lamp. This is the most practical small over head hung light for small cabins. This is especially true since it is gimbled and therefore doesn't swing about like the hanging types. Personally I'd use a couple of these rather than one big hanging lamp. It is 8-1/2"H, 10"D and costs $152.

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