Cabin Lamps ~ Hanging

wpeD.gif (13292 bytes) Den Haan Clipper Lamp. These aren't my favorites. They are difficult to stow and are not really practical for use underway on smaller boats because of the extreme motion. However you can rig restraint lines to the shade support to prevent swinging. For good light in a large cabin they are pretty great. This lamp is 16"H and 10"D. You can have one for $156.
wpeF.gif (34782 bytes) The Den Haan Trawler Lamp & Trawler Lamp Junior - Again these hanging lamps are best on larger boats where the motion of the vessel won't fling them around. You can guy them with lines from the bales to keep them from swinging. If so this is a good way to have a nice light in your main cabin when everybody's gathered around the saloon table. The small size is 9"H, 6-1/2"D and costs $152. The large size is 18"H, 10"D and costs $225

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