Crown Jewel

LOD 35'6" LWL 28'0" Beam 10'10" Draft 5'0" Displacement 20,706 lbs.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $1,064

We ran out of British coin names when we got this far! This is about the upper limit of size for a practical single Chinese lug sail rig. Were we to go larger we would opt for a two sail rig with a small foresail and large main--a Chinese schooner. Crown Jewel is big enough to carry this rig, if desired, but she would be much more efficient with the rig shown. In this size, the Coin Collection concept leaves behind any need for extra freeboard to achieve the flush deck configuration, and the result is a rather sleek looking vessel. Interior space approaches that of many fifty-footers, and the deck space is equally impressive and useful. Crown Jewel can be built with either a wheel house or a control hatch.

Crown Jewel Under Sail

A recently launched "Crown Jewel" in Sweden, floating pretty high in the bow without a mast.
The bulwark isn't according to the plans forward  but otherwise she is absolutely superbly built,
from everything we've seen.

The accommodations plan is laid out on another page with a brief commentary on what you can see and why it is the way it is.

It is worth noting that this is about the minimum size that most people ask about and about the maximum most people without large families should consider. That is unless money is not a question you are particularly interested in.

CrownJewel.jpg (27685 bytes)
A Crown Jewel being set up for construction on an island in Sweden

There are more pictures for you to look at with the planking further along. All of these pictures were taken in a boat shop on a island off the coast of Sweden. The owners come from another island every day to work on her. Recently they have put up a web site for people interested in their building progress. It's in English so many readers of this web site, no matter what their nationality will be able to read it.

A week or so ago a reader asked about recommended materials. At the moment Crown Jewel is designed for construction in Sheathed Strip. So far this method appears to produce the best strength and fatigue resistance and is also more economical than either conventional fiberglass construction or cold molded construction. For a detailed treatment, including a scantlings rule you might want to order our small book on the method. This is available in the Publishing section. We can do construction drawings for other materials as well.

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