The DL100-44 with a doghouse arrangement

Just as I was starting the sketch for this 44' version it occurred to me that I had just assumed that because I was putting a jib on the design that I would probably use a fully stayed mast head rig. However it suddenly occurred to me that I could replace the jib stay with a rotating tension and compression bearing strut and use a 3/4 rig like I think my brother would prefer. If this strut was an airfoil section it could actually improve performance to windward. It probably wouldn't be a tough design project. This would be a very clean rig. If carefully designed it need not be expensive. The reduction in windage would be very significant. I guess it would be up to a prospective owner whether they'd want the conventional aluminum spar with stays or the unstayed with strut.

By the way if anyone has an idea for a name for this design type let me know. How does the boat make you feel when you look at her or what associations come to mind?

Remember that there is not a lot of room in these designs for their length compared to beamier boats. However if considered as a 33' sloop, for instance, this 44' vessel would still be very inexpensive and would be considered extremely roomy. Another point on the 44' version is that there may be room aft of the cockpit for a very nice private aft cabin for kids, parents or a hired hand. We'll have to wait until I can do up some detailed lines to see what might fit back there. The doghouse could also be fitted with an inside steering station if desired.

As shown on this profile there is ample standing headroom in the doghouse. In this preliminary sketch which was done without benefit of models or computer drawn perspectives I have been conservative on headroom. It is possible that the headroom in part of the forward cabin could get as low as 5'8". This is after all a very light hull form. However, it is quite probable that when we try perspectives views we will find we can add more camber to the overhead and gain some more headroom without sacrificing appearance.

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