DL100-60 Profile

The ultra light displacement allows plenty of sail area to wetted surface ratio for light wind performance in a simple self-tending rig. There is just no point in fancying this up unless you want to spend the extra money for a carbon fiber mast. Since virtually the entire length of this boat out to the ends of the waterline can be used for living accommodations there will be no problem getting plenty of luxurious space. At the same time while you can have things as beautifully finished as you want this type is very cost effective to put an interior in.

By not making any compromises on speed to fit fashions from the racing scene we can get an enormous amount of accommodations and great speed in a boat that can still be normally sailed by one person and can be got underway and put to bed comfortably by two. The sail sizes and arrangement are such that with the jib self tending there need not be any winches on deck other than halyard winches and the anchor windlass. This gives her an extremely clean look and means that even a really luxury version is tens of thousands less expensive than it would be if done to unthinkingly copy a racing rule based boat.

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