Penny 25

Penny_Accommodations.gif (15537 bytes)

Penny 25 - Not the ideal interior, perhaps, but there's a lot of room

Although the mast partners and the heavier floors associated with the mast step are dashed on this drawing near the foot of the double bunk and work bench area for some reason we didn't show the actual cut out for the mast to pass through these surfaces. Just a fit of absentmindedness I guess. The drawing should be fairly self explanatory. There is plenty of detailed commentary in the article which goes with the Study Plans. It is worth mentioning that I would now make the inside steering station just part of the aft end of the accommodations but would eliminate the semi-below decks seating in favor of the deck box system used in the Shilling. This seems the most straightforward and useful.

Finally someone commissioned us to do another interior for this vessel. Freed from the constraints imposed by the original client we did things quite differently.

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