Surprise 18

The sheer looks very strong in the drawing but both ends are far from the eye on this beamy little boat and in three dimensions the sheer is very smooth and pleasing.

LOD 17’11" LWL 15’ Beam 6’1" Draft 3’ Displacement 3,081 lbs. Sail Area 242 sq.ft.

This is an able little vessel which should weather any wind and sea conditions she encounters cruising and day sailing, inshore or offshore. Like the other boats in this series she is well suited to offshore passages, if her "weekender" accommodations are acceptable. There's room for a couple of berths and a cook stove below, and two can sleep in her simple but comfortable self-bailing cockpit. As far as we know, the original boats didn't have the Pink stern when they were rigged as sloops. This is because they were used to dip herring out of the weirs and carry them to the packing plants, which high rails makes more difficult. However we feel the Pink stern "makes" the boat, and never considered leaving it off. This one is too small to be a schooner. For a stove, it would be hard to resist a solid fuel stove like the "Skippy" model made by Shipmate Stove Company, Inc.  You can get these through us or from They're good heating stoves and full of Down East character. Contrary to most people’s ideas they can be used for cooking in hot weather just fine. You just burn softwood, put your pot or pan over an open lid over the fire. When you’re through open the dampers all the way and close the lid so the heat all goes up the chimney. Fuel in summer can be any dead wood off an island.

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