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Yacht & Small Craft Naval Architecture

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Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing by C A Marchaj (Out of Print - Price Varies) (763 pages) approx.
All This and Sailing, Too, by Olin J. Stephens (272 pages, 70 illustrations) $45  
American Small Sailing Craft by Howard I. Chapelle (363 pages, numerous plates of traditional designs) $40  
Architectura Navalis Mercatoria by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman  (160 pages) $16.95  
Of Yachts & Men by William Atkin  (320 pages) $22.95  
Boats With An Open Mind by Phillip Bolger (420 pages) $34.95  
Capt. Nat Herreshoff, The Wizard of Bristol by L. Francis Herreshoff (349 pages) $29.95  
Common Sense of Yacht Design by L. Francis Herreshoff  (335 pages) $75.00  
The Light Displacement Controversy (The Controversy Designs of Mount Desert Yacht Yard) by Daniel MacNaughton  (17 pages, pdf) $10  
Designs to Inspire (Selections from the Rudder 1897-1942), ed by Anne & Maynard Bray  (186 pages) $24.95  
The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers by Lucia del Sol Knight & Daniel Bruce MacNaughton  This will be regarded as a great classic for decades to come. A massive volume, extremely well illustrated with excellent lines reproductions. $250  
MacNaughton  Scantlings Rule Book (contains Sheathed Strip, Cold Molded, Fiberglass & Carvel Construction Rules by Thomas A. MacNaughton  (47 pages) $30  
MacNaughton Scantlings Rule  for Various Forms of Carvel Construction (12 pages) $10  
MacNaughton Scantlings Rule for Cold Molded Construction
MacNaughton Scantlings Rule for Various Forms of Fiberglass Construction (16 pages) $10  
MacNaughton Scantlings Rule for Sheathed Strip Construction (14 pages) $10  
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (nearly 1,800 pages) $165  
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers with CD-ROM (2,080 pages) $250  
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers CD-ROM only $150  
Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition Book (2,788 pages) $150  
Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition with CD-ROM (2,788 pages) $240  
Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition CD-ROM only $135  
Machinery's Handbook Guide to 29th Edition (280 pages) $19.50  
Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships by Cyrus Hamlin (294 pages) $34.95  
Sail Performance by C A Marchaj  (401 pages) $54.95  
Seaworthiness, the Forgotten Factor by C. A. Marchaj (372 pages) $39.95  
Sensible Cruising Designs by L Francis Herreshoff  (393 pages) $24.95  
Ship and Aircraft Fairing and Development by S. S. Rabl (emailed as PDF file) $30  
Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, 8th Edition by F.  S. Kinney (351 pages) (Our of Print - Sent as PDF files) $57.00  
Steel Boat Building by Thomas Colvin (480 pages, a great many illustrations) $34.95  
Tall Ships Down by Daniel S. Parrot (336 pages) $24.95  
Understanding Boat Design by Edward S. Brewer (147 pages, many design drawings and some photos) $16.95  
Voyaging Under Power by Robert P. Beebe new 4th edition,  (previous edition had 272 pages and a number of illustrations and photographs) $40.00  
Yacht Designs by William Garden (328 pages, a large number of design drawings and photographs) $49.95  
Yacht Designs II by William Garden (Out of Print - Price Varies) approx.
Yacht Designing & Planning by Howard I Chapelle (384 pages, many excellent plates. Out of print. Sent as PDF files. $57.00